Inspired by a Stumptown postcard

Stumptown Portland Mt. Hood  – The aroma of coffee lifts high above the city ensconcing Mt. Hood.  Wish you were here.  But I’ll shove my feet on to the empty chair across from mine and stare out the window into the grey street where streaks of people move past heads and shoulders lean down toward the sidewalk avoiding Portland’s constant moisture.  Webs haven’t begun to grow between my toes, but I’ve found mildew in my boots that were pushed back in my closet.  When could the artist have envisioned this image?  Must take a lot of Stumptown coffee to get you there.  I remain grateful for the forty five minute periods of time when the sun breaks through the thick clouds that hug this city hoping to detain any warmth from escaping.  While another cup of coffee allows me to sit a little longer.  No place, no person drives me out into the street.  Would be okay if I sat here all day.  Nah, there are a few things I wouldn’t mind doing, people I wouldn’t mind seeing, but first let me finish this cup of coffee.


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